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This hat helps protect you from the sun for when you are farming avocado(s). The weather can be harsh and the time outside can be long, but at the end of the day your are an advocate of avocados.

There are a lot of resources that demand the growth and upkeep of avocado groves and unforeseen factors that determine the quality the avocado tree produces. And with more demand in the supply of avocados the more challenges of growing avocados in a large scale,  most of which are related to water, fertilizer, pruning, pest control, climate protection of the trees -such as wind or heat, and other factors which were all needed together to grow the avocado tree produce good quality crop.  Farming an avocado would need 100 gallons per pound of avocados. So it’d be about 50 gallons per eight ounce fruit!

The biggest day in avocado sales is Super Bowl Sunday. When about an estimate of 200 million pounds of avocados are consumed as guacamole. With that amount, a lot more resources are needed to produce that demand. roughly 70 gallons of water is needed to grow a pound of avocados, so 200 million pounds could require as much as 14.25 billion gallons of water, and depending the time of year and location heat waves can have devastating effects to farmers in the industry.

• 100% cotton twill
• Unstructured, six-panel, low-profile
• Pre-curved visor
• Champion-branded inside seam tape
• Embroidered “C” on back left panel
• Tri-glide buckle closure

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